Set of 3 Slipware Pie Plates

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A letter was included with these 3 pie plates: Dated “April 16th, 1989. This is to state that these three slipware pie plates came from my grandmother’s pantry. They were wrapped in newspaper, tied with string, and were apparently never used. My grandmother had a sister-in-law, Louise Kurtz, who married Christian Meyers in Millville who then moved to Lancaster PA in about 1885. My grandparents occasionally visited the Meyer’s family in Lancaster and it was at the time of one of these visits that my grandmother acquired the slipware pie plates. My grandparents lived on Mulberry Street in Millville, NJ, and after their death the plates were found in the pantry in back of the kitchen. – (Signed) Fred Kurtz”

Each plate has a few minor edge chips, otherwise good condition

The largest plate is 10.5″ diameter, and the other two are 9″ diameter

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